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Many of us dream about running our own business – of turning our talent or our passion into financially rewarding commercial enterprise. Unfortunately, few of us have the aptitude to make that dream a reality.

It’s a sad fact, but 96% of companies go out of business within the first ten years, with few ever achieving their full potential.

Hardly an inspiring statistic, but why does this seem to be the case?

The answer is simple. Passion and talent, don’t always translate into commercial success. You could be your town’s greatest hairdresser, it’s number one painter and decorator, or it’s top chef. Unless you’re as good at running a business as you are at providing your service, there’s no guarantee of success.

So how do you turn that around? How do you marry the practical aspects of your day-to-day work with the business side of running a thriving enterprise?

It’s another simple solution – you need that missing piece of the puzzle that binds it all together.

You need business education.

Make Your Time Count

Running your own business should not dominate your life. The whole purpose of being your own boss is give yourself the time to enjoy life.

With an Action Coach business coach at your side, you will explore a range of strategies designed to improve your time management. You will cover marketing, lead generation and conversion, planning and goal setting.

Our business coach will help you to develop an effective system for your business and build an efficient team to operate that system. This will provide you with more time to enjoy the fruits of your labours, while your business continues to grow from strength to strength.

Watch this short video of James Burke talking about the system that he uses to help business owners grow.

Earning Your Rewards

We believe that every business owner deserves the rewards that a profitable business should bring. Nobody should ever have to shut down their business, nor should they have to bring the stress of their business home with them.

A business coach from Action Coach is there to give you the direction and motivation to get things done. They employ tried-and-tested techniques that have been shown to work across several industries. These techniques allow your business to flourish without the need for hands-on micromanagement from you.

98% of our clients report that they feel happier both in their business life and in their home life, as a direct result of our business coaching.

The Price of Success

Our intense business coaching programme is results-driven and delivering on a 1-to-1 basis. This personal approach has been demonstrated to be more effective than seminars and group coaching sessions. This programme best suited to businesses that are already experiencing steady growth, but which are looking for more rapid expansion.

It is the perfect programme for any business owner currently working too many hours, fearing their business will not survive without their constant attention.

Action Coach 121 Business Coaching plans are priced from £1995 +VAT to £2995 +VAT per month.

Features Weekly Fortnightly
1-2-1 Business Coaching
Speed up your business growth
1 Coaching Session with 1 or 2 Directors
Face to Face programmes
Access to Action Club
Focus on sales, marketing, planning, running a team, developing systems, and much more
Access to Growth Club
Step-by-step plans to get your business where is should be
£2995+VAT £1995+VAT

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