Imagine having a cash-rich business that works without you.

The reality is, that most don’t…

A devastating 96% of business owners close their doors in the first ten years.

What about the 4% that survive?

Most of them aren’t enjoying it or profitable either.

Unfortunately, most businesses never achieve the dreams they set out to achieve.


Because a great hairdresser doesn’t always run a great business, even if she’s the best in the world at cutting hair. The thing that’s missing…

Business Education

“I’d love to have more money and spend less time at work, but I don’t know how to grow a business.”

That’s a common frustration. We believe that every business owner deserves the rewards a commercial, profitable business brings.

No one should ever have to close down their business or take the stress home with them.

You don’t need a new business, you don’t need to beat yourself up either, you just need a point in the right direction and some accountability to get stuff done.

98% of our clients said that we helped them feel happier in business and feel happier when they walked through the front door at home.

Come along to one of our events, or book a free 1-2-1 coaching session and we’ll show you how to grow your business.

If you don’t leave with at least one idea that made it worth your while coming, we will pay you for your time.

And if you join one of our programmes, we will start to build a business that’s profitable and works without you.

“Measure your financial success by how free you are to do what you want when you want…Rich has money. Wealthy has time and money”

Brad Sugars


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You deserve to have your family look at you like the business hero you are!

You also deserve to have your friends look up to you for advice and guidance!

You deserve a business that works without you,

because being in business should give you more life.

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