Is coaching suitable for my business?

If you’re considering using a business coach, you might be wondering whether a coach is suitable for your business. It’s a great point, one that’s worth putting a bit of time and effort into finding out the answer to.

After all, coaching isn’t suitable for every business and it’s certainly not suitable for every person. As you’ll see, the answer to that question largely depends on the type of person you are, more than the type of business you are in. But let’s explore more in a little detail below.

What if my business is unique?

We hear this phrase a lot. “Our business is unique so we aren’t sure whether we are right for coaching.” More often than not, when we hear that statement, it’s usually something a little deeper that’s actually causing the problem. For example, what the person might really mean is “I don’t want to be a part of a big group and community, it makes me feel uncomfortable.”

Which is still a very valid point. But what it does suggest, is that more often than not, it’s not a business that is suitable or not for coaching. It’s the business owner.

Because all businesses have the same chassis, just like cars (a VW Touran has the same chassis as the much smaller and more nimble Audi TT). Generally speaking, coaching works for most companies and industries. The chassis in business consists of a need to market your company. Also, a need to convert and sell to leads that show interest. Then there’s knowing your numbers and having up-to-date financials. And all businesses grow by hiring great people and leading strong teams that use systems.

The people running the business on the other hand can vary in a major way.

Some people are shy. Others are outgoing. Some want to grow. Whilst others don’t believe they can grow.

People are so different. And that’s really what makes a business suitable or not for coaching. Whether the owner of the business is suitable or not.

What types of businesses aren’t suitable for coaching?

Let’s look at both segments in that question. The person and the business.

The person – Starting with which type of people aren’t suitable for coaching. This is pretty clear-cut. If a business owner doesn’t want to grow their business, they just wouldn’t be suitable for coaching.

If the business owner doesn’t like to learn and educate themselves, again there’s no point in having a business coach. And if they don’t like working on the business (strategy, decision making and growth) instead of in the business (being the technician, for example, a hairdresser cutting hair), it’s just not going to work. It will become clear that business coaching isn’t suitable for them.

If it’s a small business and they don’t like being in groups, a group coaching business programme is not likely to be suitable. But for a bigger business, they would more than likely be able to afford 121 coaching so it wouldn’t matter as much.

So to summarise, if the business owners don’t want to grow, or they don’t want to work on the business. Maybe they don’t like being in groups and can’t afford 121 coaching, then business coaching might not be suitable.

The business – Now let’s look at which types of business aren’t suitable for coaching. There are very few industries where coaching wouldn’t be suitable. If a business is so small that it can’t make a single investment into a coaching programme, it might not be ready for coaching. There are incredibly cheap options out there though. For example, here at Action Coach Manchester we have a coaching programme that starts at just £99 + VAT per month. There are also opportunities to take advantage of free coaching programmes that are usually government back or grant-funded

Another reason a business may not be suitable for coaching is if it’s on the verge of being liquidated or going bankrupt. Or even if there are restrictions in the industry or on the business that would stop it from growing.

What types of businesses are best suited for coaching?

Generally speaking, the businesses that are best suited for coaching are those that are in growth mode. Coaching is all about helping companies realise their potential and that fits perfectly well with companies in a growth phase. However, that doesn’t mean we should write off a business because it isn’t growing. For example, if a business is in a slight recession or finding things difficult, having a coach can make all the difference in the world.

In terms of industry or sector, it doesn’t make much difference. The construction industry usually benefits in a major way from coaching because things like dashboards, finances or marketing are a little alien to most business owners. But other industries such as retail, professional services and manufacturing can benefit greatly also.

The most important thing is not the industry or size of the business, because the business chassis is the same for every business regardless. But what is more important is the mindset of the business owner.

The perfect business owner would be willing to learn, open and be coachable. They’d also have a real thirst for personal development. When the business owners we work with are built that way coaching tends to work really well. It can also be helpful if the business owner has high standards. Especially if they pride themselves on completing their weekly actions, turning up on time and attending every session.

As crazy as it sounds, they are the things that separate the great results, from the good results. Just getting those small basics right.

Is there a way of finding out if my business would be suitable for coaching?

Yes. Most coaches offer a discovery call or a discovery day. You’ll generally find that you can book a session with a coach for free and then find out about their programmes and costs.

At Action Coach, we display our programmes, prices and costs very publically here with a full description of what each programme involves. And if you want to find out whether business coaching is suitable or not, you can either book a call with someone in our team here or come along to a taster session by booking on to ANY of our events here.

How do I join a coaching programme if I feel like my business is suitable?

For most business coaching companies the business coach will simply guide you towards the next steps on your discovery call. At Action Coach we induct new members at our Action Members Live events or our 90-day planning events that you can book here.

In the afternoon at each event, one of our coaches will guide you through all the programmes and memberships. Once you have clarity on which memberships you’d like to join, there’s an opportunity to sign up on the day.