Why do people use business coaches?

If you’ve never used a business coach before, you may be wondering “why do people use business coaches?”

Hey, we get it. So we wrote a ruthlessly honest, unbiased, and transparent article on why people use a business coach. And I’m warning you now, it isn’t pretty.

Why not?

Because I’m also going to tell you why people SHOULDN’T use a business coach and when it’s a waste of money.

And you know what? I don’t like upsetting people.

But earlier this week I did.

Here’s what happened:

I unwittingly upset our other business coaches.


I told them what I was going to write in this article.

“…Why do people use business coaches and what are the 3 situations where they definitely shouldn’t use a business coach.” 

I was in such a rush to let you know there just wasn’t enough time to run it by them and I wasn’t thinking straight.

But they’ve forgiven me.


Well they know it’s a chance for you to:

• Learn how you can grow your business

• Relax more often and for longer  

• Make more money

• Have a stronger team

• Learn more about business and business coaching. 

• …and just feel much better in body, mind, AND spirit.

Why do people actually use a business coach?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your business? Struggling to achieve your goals? Feeling stuck in a rut? Then you might want to consider hiring a business coach. That’s why most people hire a coach. To stop the pain, or to get incredible results.

You will notice something strange about most good business coaches.

They are extraordinarily varied.

That’s because they don’t specialise in a particular field or medium.

They specialise in getting results – nothing else

They get results:

  • For small, unknown companies – and big, famous ones – all over the world.
  • On-line companies and off-line
  • With companies, businesses, or individual people that work better once they’ve had a coach.

And I’m pretty sure they can get results for you.

Some business coaching clients sell products. Others sell services.

The sums they charge range from peanuts to millions.

Some are new. Some have worked with coaches for decades.

And they hardly ever fail.

That is because what business coaches do derives from thinking that was developed based on testing, not theory, that works in over 100 countries for several decades.

When you hire a coach you aren’t paying for fancy big city offices.

You aren’t paying for executives with silly titles.

And you aren’t paying for inflated salaries.

You are just paying for better results.

How much better? Take a look for yourself…

Why do people use business coaches?

Why do people use business coaches?

What is a Business Coach, and Why Do You Need To Use One?

A business coach is someone who provides guidance, support, and accountability to help you grow and develop your business. They work with you to identify your goals, create a plan to achieve them, and hold you accountable for taking action.

If you’re keen to understand what actually happens in a coaching session just click here.

So why do people use business coaches? The truth is, there are many reasons. Here are just a few:

To Gain Clarity and Focus

As a business owner, it’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day tasks and lose sight of the big picture. A business coach can help you gain clarity on your goals and priorities, so you can focus your time and energy on what really matters.

To Develop a Plan

Once you know what you want to achieve, a business coach can help you create a plan to get there. They’ll work with you to identify the steps you need to take and create a roadmap for achieving your goals.

To Get Unbiased Feedback

As a business owner, it’s easy to become isolated and lose perspective on your business. A business coach can provide you with unbiased feedback and insights, helping you see things from a different perspective and identify blind spots.

To Build Confidence

Starting and running a business can be scary, and it’s easy to doubt yourself and your abilities. A business coach can help you build confidence in yourself and your business, so you can take bold actions and make the decisions you need to succeed.

To Learn New Skills

No one is born knowing how to run a successful business. A business coach can teach you the skills you need to succeed, whether it’s marketing, sales, leadership, or something else.

To Stay Accountable

It’s easy to set goals and then forget about them. A business coach will hold you accountable for taking action and making progress toward your goals. They’ll keep you focused and motivated, even when things get tough.

To Get Support

Running a business can be lonely, and it’s important to have someone in your corner who understands what you’re going through. A business coach can provide you with emotional support and guidance, helping you navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

You’ll know when the time is right to start working with a coach. If you want our opinion on when the absolute, perfect time to start working with a coach is, just click here. *Warning* It won’t be when you expect it to be.

What Can You Expect from Working with a Business Coach?

Working with a business coach can be a transformative experience, but it’s important to know what to expect. Here are some things you can expect when working with a business coach:

A Customised Approach

Every business is unique, and a good business coach will tailor their approach to your specific needs and goals. They’ll work with you one-on-one to create a plan that works for you and your business.

Regular Meetings

Most business coaches will meet with you on a regular basis, whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. These meetings are an opportunity to check in on your progress, discuss any challenges you’re facing, and set goals for the future.

Homework Assignments

To make progress towards your goals, you’ll need to take action outside of your coaching sessions. Your business coach may assign you homework, such as reading, journaling, or completing specific tasks.


One of the main benefits of working with a business coach is accountability. Your coach will hold you accountable for taking action and making progress toward your goals. They’ll keep you motivated and on track, even when things get tough.

A Safe Space to Share

Having no one to talk to can be really tough. The great thing about having a coach is that you’ve got someone in your corner that genuinely wants you to win. You’ve got someone there that will actually listen and most importantly, will do so with no judgment. Why do people use a business coach? For some, it’s so they have a safe place to share.

What are the 3 situations when you SHOULDN’T use a business coach?

So, you’re considering hiring a business coach? Let me tell you, there are a few situations when you shouldn’t.

Here’s the deal, if you aren’t ready to put in the work, don’t waste your time and money (That’s reason number 1). A coach can’t magically make things happen for you.

Secondly, if you don’t trust the process, you might as well forget it. You have to commit to coaching and commit to having a better business.

And finally, if you don’t have clear goals, don’t bother. How the heck are you going to know if you’ve achieved anything if you don’t have a target? Before you get started you might want to look at how a business coach can help you set goals by clicking here.

The bottom line is if you ain’t ready to hustle, trust the process, and set clear goals, a coach isn’t gonna be your ticket to success.

Why do people use a business coach?

Ultimately, people use a business coach to get results.

Those results are varied.

For every problem in business, there is a company,
where that problem simply doesn’t exist…

A business coach will get you one step closer to having a business that actually works.


  • Share amazing secrets discovered by legendary entrepreneurs.
  • Add up to 50% to your profit quickly, while eliminating cashflow problems and management headaches.
  • … and can slash up to 10 years from the amount of time it takes you to earn serious money.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, it’s time to invest in a business coach. Don’t wait any longer, take action now, check out the prices and costs of a business coach here, or just simply join a membership here and see the results for yourself.