How To Make Millions

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The Big Question

What if knowing the answer to one question could propel your business forward and make you millions?

Well, that’s what happened to me.

I’d grown up in poverty.

A large family in a small council house.

4 of us shared one bedroom and there was very little money to go around.

We’d grown up wearing hand-me-down clothes from our neighbors and cousins.

And as I started to get a little older and leave the council estate… I started to notice the nice cars and big houses.

What I found interesting was that they were situated within a 5-minute drive of where we lived.

So it got me thinking… and there was a question that I became obsessed with.

Finding the answer to this question changed my life.

It made me millions!

And I guarantee that it will do the same for you.

If you USE the answers to the question.

So here it is:

What’s the difference…

…between the poor and the super-rich?


How To Make Millions – What’s The Difference?


Think about it, there has to be something they are doing differently.

My first thought was that they were born into money. Or born lucky.

But that couldn’t be right.

Especially with so many ‘rags-to-riches’ stories out there today.

So what did these guys and girls do to make so much money?

And could I figure out how to make millions?


What’s The Difference?


I started to rack my brains.

Then it got me thinking about the richest people on earth.


What did they have (other than lots of money) that average people didn’t?

Because the average billionaire has over 1000 times more cash than the average person on the street.

(They actually have 1000 times more cash than someone worth £1,000,000)

So it got me thinking.

And I started with the basic stuff.


It must be!

They must have a higher IQ than the average person.

But then I had a realisation.

The value of their wealth is more than 1000 times higher.

But they couldn’t have an IQ 1000 times higher than the average person.

In fact, the highest IQ’s on the planet are around 200.

People with severely low IQs are difficult to assess accurately because they can’t answer questions.

There was one woman who seemed to be in a coma.

But she was able to swallow so could be spoon-fed.

Other than that she didn’t move. She had to be monitored for bedsores and changed regularly.

That would probably be an IQ of 10 or less.

But that’s only a 20 times improvement from the most severe cases.

In fact, in most cases, the average billionaire has a similar IQ to the global average.

Yet the average billionaire has drastically exceeded 1000 times more wealth.

So maybe it isn’t IQ.


“I’ve got it”, I thought.

It’s TIME.

Surely the average billionaire has more time.

Oh, hold on.

Maybe not.

We all get 24 hours.

Every single one of us.

The day isn’t any longer for a billionaire than it is for Joan from the corner shop.

So maybe it isn’t time either.

There doesn’t seem to be a gap.

So what the heck is it?


How To Make Millions - Lightbulb Momment

How To Make Millions – Lightbulb Moment



After years of searching for the difference, I stumbled across the secret.

It was shared with me by a wise friend of mine.

He’s much older than me.

But he was the wealthiest man I’ve ever known.

And he made it so simple it’s almost unbelievable.

He called his formula…




Each of the letters represented an attribute or behaviour that would contribute to building serious wealth.

Let’s start with the letter B, which stood for…




This friend of mine went on to tell me that the average CEO was worth millions.

And in some cases billions.

He followed it up with a stat that blew my mind.

He said the average CEO reads 50 books a year!

I couldn’t believe it.


But I was still curious about how that compared to the average person.

Especially considering there wasn’t much of a gap in their IQ and time.

My friend said that 58% of people in the UK NEVER read a full book again after finishing their education.


What a gap!

The gap was tiny in IQ and time.

But not here.

The gap was huge! 

His formula was already starting to make sense.

But he did warn me.

Reading 50 books a year won’t help if I’m reading fiction or romantic novels.

No matter how many times you read ‘Lord Of The Rings’ it won’t help you become seriously wealthy.

So I asked him what to read…

And he said, “Anything that’s helping you learn, develop and move towards something VERY important.”

“What’s this important thing?” I asked.

But he said it would reveal itself as we went through the formula.

Great, then what’s the next part of this wealth-building formula?

The next letter in BIG AC was ‘I’.

And it stood for…


Books - Today a reader, tomorrow a leader



“If you want to learn how to make millions, you need to learn from those that have already done it”.

That made perfect sense.

And he followed up with “You can’t expect to move forward by taking advice from people behind you”.

“So be careful of who you spend time with, and what they fill your brain with”.

And I started to feel the weight of what he was saying.

After all, you start to talk, think and act like the people you spend the most time with.

Then he got me to write down the 5 people I spent the most time with.

And then guess how much money they made.

He asked me to work out the average and compare it to how much money I made.

It was identical.

I couldn’t believe it. It was within 5%!

And then he said something that hit me like a brick.

“If you surround yourself with 5 alcoholics, you’re likely to become the 6th”.

“But if you surround yourself with 5 millionaires, you’re also likely to become the 6th”

But I was confused…

Why did it make such a difference?

And he made it simple and clear once again.

“It’s the level of conversation”.

“Those that are struggling tend to complain, criticise and compare”.

“Whilst those that are taking advantage of the best things life has to offer, tend to discuss ideas, philosophy and how they can improve themselves whilst helping others”.

It made complete sense.

Can you imagine being stuck on a private plane during a long-haul flight with some of the brightest minds in the world?

Imagine the level of conversation.

The ideas.

The strategies.

It could be life-changing.

And then I was hit by another heavy blow…

What about my friends and family? Do I need to get rid of them? 

He was blunt and brutal yet again.

“Get rid of those that don’t fill you up. That doesn’t encourage you and makes you feel negatively in your presence. Other than that, just make more of a conscious effort to include people that can add huge value to your circle of 5 people”.

He’d done it again.

And I was still curious…

“What’s next?” I asked

It was the ‘G’ and it stood for…


How To Make Millions - Spend Time With The Right People

How To Make Millions – Spend Time With The Right People


When he told me that pretty much every CEO, Mutli-Millionaire and Billionaire had clear goals, I wasn’t surprised.

But when he went on to tell me that 98% of people that you might walk past on the street DON’T have goals, I was gob-smacked.

That’s another HUGE gap, isn’t it?

Where are they all going?

What are they working for?

How do they decide what to do each day?

And then he taught me what great goal setting looked like.

He told me to get very clear on my ‘north star’.

Some people that set goals try to accomplish too many things at once.

Instead, be like a stamp.


Stamp - How To Make Millions

Stamp – How To Make Millions


Stick to one thing until you get there.

He also told me that if I tried to catch two rabbits at the same time, I’d end up catching neither.

And the same is true with goals.

He told me that my north star should be something that gave me fulfillment.

And purpose.

Something that would make all the challenges I’d have to go through worthwhile.

And this is the point where he brought me back to the books that he’d mentioned earlier.

When I’d asked him ‘What books should I read?”

And he said, “anything that’s helping you learn, develop and move towards something VERY important.”

When I asked him what is this ‘thing’ that was very important, he went silent.

But now I knew.

I should be reading books that move me towards my biggest goal and my north star.

It was all starting to make sense.

And it seemed so simple.

Now I was hungry to learn the last 2 parts of the wealth formula.

The 4th letter in BIG AC was ‘A’ and it stands for…



But here’s the kicker.

It’s not just any old action.

It was similar to the learning I’d taken about what to read.

The action should be taken on something that moved me towards my ‘north star’.

If I got up every day and performed 1000 press-ups, I’d get stronger arms.

But if I needed stronger legs it would have been a wasted effort.

The same is true with the action that you take.

And it must be disciplined action.

Anyone on the planet can read 50 books a year.

Or set big goals.

But do they have the discipline needed to read the books and take action?


Day after day.

For years and years?

And that’s what my wise wealthy friend meant.

He said I have to work ON my biggest goal.

Instead of just working on anything.

My action should be streamlined and focused.

And it was hard to disagree.

He told me that all the billionaires he’d ever met were extremely focused.

They had one clear goal, and they put massive action into going for it.

They read the right books.

Surrounding themselves with individuals that could help them get there.

And did so…



As soon as he said the word, I knew it was the ‘C’ in the ‘BIG AC’.

My wise friend told me the tales of many budding entrepreneurs that had set a huge goal and gone after it.

The only problem was they’d quit too soon.

Just as the going got tough, they bailed.

In his best-selling book ‘The Dip’, author Seth Godin talks about the importance of consistency.

He says that whenever we start a new skill, we have an early success accelerator.

We learn the basics and how to become proficient pretty quickly.

Usually within 20 hours.

But then we have this dip.

Motivation dips as our improvement slows down.

It’s much easier to grow and improve in those first 20 hours.

Then our growth slows down.

And so does our motivation.

Seth says that the vast majority of people quit in this dip.

So all you have to do to overtake most participants is keep going.

And that’s why consistency is so important.

As you move towards your north star, there are going to be challenges.

They will test you.

And push you to your limits.

But if you can consistently move towards your north star, and take action every single day…

…eventually, you’ll get there.

It might take years.

Or even decades.

But as long as you keep moving forward.

You’ll make it.




So all you have to do is pay attention to the formula.

Use it.

And apply each principle.

Read the type of BOOKS that will help you learn how to achieve your north star.

Surround yourself with the types of INDIVIDUALS that can help you get there.

Make sure you write it down and make it your main GOAL.

Then take ACTION on that goal.


Every day.



That’s how you make more money than you ever thought possible.

And live a life on your terms.