4 Simple Sales Methods For Those With A Burning Desire To Make Money

What are the simple sales methods that the top salespeople on the planet use?

And how much money do they make because of them?

Well, you’re about to find out.

Follow me, as I take a serious, step-by-step, HARD look at 4 methods that, combined, produce ALOT of sales…

And then see how YOU too, can benefit from these untold, little-known, closely-guarded secrets.

These 4 simple sales methods will give you a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. And it’s practically guaranteed.

All you’ve got to do is take them in and use them.

And it gets better, you can use them over and over again and they’ll NEVER get old.

But I know what you’re thinking.

You skeptical, negative bugger.

But don’t even go there.

Because here’s my unconditional, risk-free guarantee.

If you learn these 4 simple sales methods and actually use them…

…I guarantee they’ll work. 

And here’s what makes these methods so different and so much more effective than anything else you’ve ever seen.

They’re FREE!

They won’t cost you a penny.

How To Get Started


If you really want to get started and you really wanted to improve the amount of sales you make in your business, then you’d better take notes.

That’s the first place to start.

Take notes.

Review them.

And create an action plan.

Then put the plan into your diary.

Then all you have to do is follow your diary and you’ll start to implement the learnings.

Incidentally, here are the 3 most important things to know about why I’m qualified to help you.

Why Teach These Simple Sales Methods

Sales is one of those areas that everyone thinks they are great at.

Yet it’s rarely done great.

So here’s a quick overview of why you should even bother listening to me instead of going into the garden to watch the grass grow:

  1. I’m a 5-time global award-winning business coach. Over 10’000 coaches have been in a position to win those awards, and I got such good sales results that I managed to win 5 of them. PS Only 6 awards are given out each year to the thousands of coaches that could have won them.
  2. I used these simple sales methods to help one of my clients grow their business by 9600% in just 90 days.
  3. I also used them to grow MY business and it made me a small fortune in just 2 months.

Of course, you have a lot more questions.

And I bet you’re dying to find out what these 4 simple sales methods are.

So here they are, the 4 simple sales methods guaranteed to improve your sales figures (if you use them).


Simple Sales Method: #1 Questions

What’s the first word that comes to your mind when I say ‘Salesman’.

Most people have a negative connection with that word.

And when we ask this in seminars, the responses are almost always the same.

People say things like:




And they are right!

Well, at least if they were talking about what a BAD salesperson looks like.

But what about a good salesperson?

Well here’s the thing.

A good salesperson has some very simple traits.

And these traits double up as part of the simple sales methods that we promised.

The first one;

Asking Great Questions

Most people have this image of a great salesperson acting like Jordan Belfort in ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street‘.


Jordan Belfort - A Bad Sales Person

You know the one.

Lying, cheating, and bombarding the poor prospect on the phone.

But actually, a great salesperson is exactly the opposite.

They ask questions.

And they seek to understand what the customers struggling with.

You’ll tend to find a great salesperson isn’t talking anywhere near as much as the prospect.

They ask great questions.

Questions that uncover what the prospect wants.

The questions should provide the prospect with clarity.

And create an emotional connection with the result that your product or service provides.

Ultimately, a great question will challenge the way that the prospect currently thinks.

Whilst still making the prospect feel comfortable and safe.

This means it’s down to you to create a safe space where they can feel those things.

Simple Sales Method: #2 Listen

Once you’ve asked a great question, it’s time to LISTEN to the answer.

Most salespeople struggle with this one.

Especially if they are the ‘salesy’ type.

In fact, they’re so busy talking they forget to listen at all.

And don’t pick up on the blindingly obvious clues that the prospect is giving them.

There are 4 different ‘listening levels’.

The first level is…

Level 0 – Not Listening

And honestly, you’d be surprised at how many ‘top’ salespeople fit into this category.

It’s as surprising as it is saddening.

Next up is:

Level 1 – Selective Listening

Some of you might have a partner or child that fits into one of these first 2 levels.

But again, we see salespeople that are guilty of this all the time.

They are just listening out for the bits that they want to hear.

But not actually picking up some of the most important pieces of information that the client is sharing with them.

Level 2 – Eliminating The Noise

Ok, now we’re into the good stuff.

This takes some skill and training.

Eliminating noise means getting rid of distractions.

The distractions could be in your head.

It might be head trash.

Worrying that you won’t close the sale.

Or meet your month-end target.

The noise could also be… actual noise.

If you’re in a noisy environment with a lot going on, it can be difficult to tune in and stay focused.

It could also be a sense of overwhelm as you sit and think about the next question whilst the client is talking.

But your job as a level 2 listener is to ELIMINATE ALL OF THE NOISE and FOCUS.

And here’s the good news.

When you do, you’ll improve your conversion in a major way.

You’ll start noticing little clues that the prospect is giving you.

It could be about the kind of budget they have.

Or what your competitors said when they spoke to them.

They could be telling you EXACTLY what they want.

And how they’ll make their decision.

In a world full of distractions,

getting rid of all that noise, and focusing on the client…

…has never been more important!

Level 3 – Listening To What’s Not Been Said

Sometimes it’s just as important to listen to what’s not been said, as it is to listen to what words have actually come out of the prospect’s mouth.

According to communication specialists across the world, only 7% of our overall communication comes from the words we use.

38% of our communication comes from our tone, pitch, and volume.

And the remaining 55% comes from non-verbal cues such as our body language and facial expressions.

So listening to the words is only one small task that a great listener has to master.

They also have to master how they can watch the prospect’s body language.

And notice their facial expressions.

Whilst picking up on the tone, pitch, and volume of the person that’s speaking.

But wait, there’s even more!

Sometimes, listening to what’s not been said, means exactly that.

You might have asked the question about something sensitive.

And they avoided it completely.

So it could be that you pick up they feel uncomfortable because THEY DIDN’T SAY SOMETHING.

And that’s what makes a great listener.

It’s about being present.


And empathising with the prospect.


Seth Godin - Simple Sales Methods

Seth Godin – Simple Sales Methods


Simple Sales Method: #3 Sales Process

A great sales process should have an end date.

It should take the prospects forward and advance them toward a close.

Rather than going round and round in a continuation.

A great sales process puts you in control.

And helps you build authority.

Without it, the sales conversations that you have with a prospect can turn into chaos.

Especially if they take control and take you down a rabbit hole.

You want to keep on subject.

Stay on track.

And take them step by step to the close.

Another important part of the sales process is getting commitment.

You want to do that between each step of the sales process.

Saying ‘Yes’ to another sales meeting is not a commitment.

But completing a questionnaire.

Or watching a video is a great way of getting a commitment for the client.

If they complete a questionnaire or watch a video, they are more likely to buy.

Getting that commitment from them is a great way of increasing your conversion.

And if they have completed it, you’ll walk into the sales meeting with so much confidence.


Sales Process - Simple Sales Methods

Sales Process – Simple Sales Methods



Simple Sales Method: #4 Scripts

The fourth and final simple sales method is using SCRIPTS.

Whoever the best salesperson is in your whole business, record what they say and write a script.

Or maybe there’s something that you’ve said and used and you thought ‘That was really good’.

Great, type it up, make a script, and get the team to use it.

And if there’s a big gap between your top-performing salesperson and whoever is at the bottom…

…you can just give the worst performer the script from the top performer and the gap should close.

You should always get your top performers involved in creating the script.


Because what they are doing is already working.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

And when you have a script that everyone is using…

Not only will it make you a ton of profit.

You can measure the results and see which parts of the script are working and which aren’t.

Then you can tweak the script and split-test it to see if it performs better than the old one.

If it does, great use the new script.

If not, tweak the script in a different way and test it again.

Having scripts makes your company become more systemised.

It will help your business mature.

And increase the value of the business at the same time.


Cold Calling Script


Simple Sales Method: BONUS

Get some TRAINING!

Once you have the script and the sales process, it’s time to PRACTICE.

If you can combine those two things…

Lots of sales training.

And lots of practice.

Your team is going to improve in a major way.

After all, how often do the top sports teams practice?

Every single day.

So getting your sales team to practice once a week is a bit of a no-brainer.

It’s the quickest way for them to improve.



And imagine if you used ALL of the methods that we talked about.

You started to ask great QUESTIONS that build emotion and uncover what the prospect ACTUALLY WANTS.

Then you LISTENED to the answer.

You practiced empathy and really built a connection with the potential customer.

And then you moved them on to the next step in your systemised SALES PROCESS.

They completed questionnaires and watched videos and it proved to you how committed they were.

Your staff were using SCRIPTS and the sales results become consistent and strong.

Then over time you developed and improved the scripts and the results continued to climb.

And each week your team had TRAINING. They PRACTICED on each other to rehearse the skills they’d learnt in the training and the whole sales force improved every 7 days.

That’s going to be game-changing.

But not if you don’t take action.

So you know the next step.

Take your notes.

Build an action plan.

And put a date in your diary to start implementing these ‘game-changing’ methods.