How can a business coach help you with marketing?

So how can a business coach help you with your marketing? Marketing is a crucial aspect of any business. It determines the reach and success of a brand. After all, it’s no good having the best product in the marketplace if no one knows about it. It’s like winking at a guy or a girl in the dark. You know you did it, but no-one else does.

For lots of entrepreneurs and business owners, navigating the complex world of marketing can be challenging. This is where a business coach can come in to provide expert guidance and support.

In this article, we’ll explore how a business coach can help you with your marketing efforts. We’ll also look at when you shouldn’t use a business coach to help you with marketing.

So here’s an honest and open review of how a business coach can help you with your marketing.

What marketing are you currently running?

A business coach is like a detective. They’ll delve into the inner workings of your marketing efforts to uncover what’s working and what’s not. They will take a close look at the marketing strategies you’re currently running and ask the tough questions to understand the results you’re getting.

Once you know what’s working and what’s not, it’s simple to understand the main areas for improvement. A coach can then provide insights and recommendations to help you reach your marketing goals.

By taking the time to understand your current marketing landscape, a business coach can help you create a customised plan for success, leading to increased visibility, growth, and profitability for your business.

A business coach will look at which of your marketing strategies are getting you results.

A business coach understands that the success of any marketing campaign lies in its results. That’s why a good coach will take a data-driven approach to evaluate your marketing efforts.

By looking at what strategies are delivering good results, they can help you build on your strengths for even greater success. If you’re doing something really well, and you have data that shows you how much you spend, how much time you invest, and what kind of action you take to attain each customer, a business coach can help you simply turn up the dial and get more customers.

A business coach might also look at what’s working for your competition and other businesses in your industry. That way you can make sure you’re staying ahead of the curve and making the most of the latest trends and technologies.

By zeroing in on the marketing strategies that are getting the best results, a business coach can help you save time, money, and resources while boosting your bottom line.

Which of your marketing strategies isn’t working?

Some business coaches will take a no-nonsense approach to identifying the areas where your marketing efforts may be falling short. They’ll analyse your campaigns and determine which strategies aren’t producing the results you want, and why.

That way it allows you to make informed decisions about where to focus your resources and how to adjust your approach. By working with a business coach to identify the marketing strategies that aren’t working, you can avoid costly mistakes. You can also find new, more effective ways to reach your target audience and achieve your goals.

There may be some surprises as you start to test and measure. You might find that some strategies that you thought were gettings great results are actually costing you money. That’s why a good business coach will make sure your measuring, tweaking and measuring again.

What could work that you’re not currently doing?

A business coach takes a comprehensive approach to improve your marketing efforts. That includes looking at what strategies you’re not currently using that you could be.

They’ll assess your current approach and identify any gaps or opportunities for growth. This may include exploring new channels, platforms, or tactics that could help you reach your target audience more effectively. A coach will help you uncover where your target market is currently spending, how they are currently buying, and what you can do to take advantage of it.

By working with a business coach to uncover the marketing strategies you’re not currently utilising, you can expand your reach. You can increase your impact, and ultimately, grow your business.

How a coach helps your marketing become more predictable

How can a business coach help your marketing become predictable?

Testing and measuring.

It’s a crucial element in a successful marketing strategy. By continuously experimenting and evaluating the results of your campaigns, you can gain valuable insights into what’s working and what’s not.

This data-driven approach allows you to make informed decisions and adjust your tactics as needed. You might have one advert that’s performing awfully whilst another is really flying. Once you have the data to show you, you can turn the poor advert off and really increase the high-performing ad.

Data will lead to more predictable outcomes.

With a focus on testing and measuring, your marketing efforts will become more effective, efficient, and results-driven. That’s only going to help you reach your goals quicker and grow your business.

Ultimately a business coach helps make your marketing more predictable by identifying strengths, finding areas for improvement, and creating a customised plan. They use data to evaluate campaigns, analyse results, and optimise strategies for greater success.

With a coach’s guidance, you’ll have a clearer understanding of what’s working and what’s not, leading to more consistent and reliable outcomes in your marketing efforts.

A business coach could run a marketing audit with you

Auditing yourself and your marketing can really help.

When your auditing your current campaigns, a coach will help you look at things like:

  • Your copy. What are your writing skills like? Is the copy easy to read? Does it grab and keep the attention of the reader?
  • AIDA. Does your copy grab Attention, then convert that attention into Interest. After that does it build a sense of Desire? And finally, is there a clear call to Action at the bottom?
  • What results are you getting? If you run two ads, which one’s performing better? Which one’s really getting you the results?
  • Tone and voice. Is the tone of your copy consistent with your brand personality and messaging?
  • SEO optimisation. Are you using relevant keywords and optimising your copy for search engines?
  • Target audience: Does your copy effectively resonate with your target audience and address their pain points and needs?

However, when looking at your overall marketing department a business coach may look at:

  • How much time is your whole business spending per week on marketing?
  • How much money are you spending on predictable marketing campaigns?
  • How skilled are the people doing the marketing in your business?
  • How many books are you or your team reading on great marketing?
  • Are you testing and measuring?
  • Where is marketing on your priority list?
  • How many strategies are you using?

Once you have an understanding of those questions, it’s going to be much easier for you and your business coach to understand how you can grow. Just by spending a few minutes or hours on this task, you’ll have a much clearer understanding of what’s holding you back.

Time to write a marketing plan

Creating a marketing plan can seem like a daunting task. But it’s one of the ways in which a business coach can help you with marketing. After all, it doesn’t have to be this big daunting task.

A one-page marketing plan is a streamlined, yet powerful tool for laying out your marketing strategy and bringing your vision to life.

How can a business coach help me with marketing?

How can a business coach help me with marketing?

To write a one-page marketing plan, start by defining your target audience and identifying your message to them.

Then, look at the media you will use to get your message across. Then look at how you will capture leads and then how you will nurture them once you’ve captured the data. After that you can develop your conversion strategy.

You can also add your marketing goals, your budget to achieve those goals, and what tactics you could use to help you achieve them.

Be sure to also include metrics for measuring success.

Remember, the key to a great marketing plan is keeping it simple, focused, and actionable. By taking these steps, you’ll have a roadmap to guide your marketing efforts and drive your business forward.

Will a business coach hold you accountable for taking action on the plan?

Once you’ve got your marketing plan, the next step for the coach is to hold you accountable. There’s no point in writing a great plan and then putting it on the shelf and forgetting about it.

One of the main skills of a coach is the ability to hold people to account. Being a business owner means you have no boss. A coach is there to make sure you follow through on what you said you were going to do. That includes executing your marketing plan.

So yes, a good business coach will hold you accountable.

When won’t a business coach help me with marketing?

There are a few situations when a business coach might not be the best resource for help with your marketing efforts.

For example, if you’re in a highly regulated industry and need specialised knowledge of compliance requirements, you might want to consult with a legal expert.

If your marketing needs are strictly technical, such as web development or graphic design, a coach may not have the specific skillset to help.

Additionally, if you already have a well-established marketing team with a proven track record, a coach might not be necessary. But if you have other areas you need help with they may be able to help you with those things such as goal setting, managing time, or even finance.

Overall, if you’re looking to improve your marketing strategy, increase your reach, and grow your business, a business coach can be a valuable asset. So, it really comes down to your unique needs and goals.


To keep it basic, a good coach will help you learn a thing or two about marketing so you actually know what you’re doing. They’ll help you create a marketing plan before standing by your side and making sure you execute it.

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