How People Buy

There are lots of things that your teachers didn’t teach you about how people buy.

Which is crazy…

can you imagine how much easier life would be if you understood how people buy and make decisions?

Well today, things are going to change.

Because you’re going to find out the 5 methods for business owners who want to sell more of their products and services.

It’s time to end the nightmare.

The ULTIMATE nightmare… of having low sales.

Nothing will give you stress or sleepless nights like having low sales.

It can even put your relationship under intense stress.

So it’s about time we started to work out how people buy.


How People Make Decisions


If you could get into the mind of the buyer, and know exactly what made them purchase something it would be like having a superpower.

You’d be able to make much better decisions about what you can do to make more sales.

It could boost your profits by 5 times or more!

All whilst business owners in the UK are spending BILLIONS of pounds every year on wasted advertising.

And few of them are getting results.

Maybe you’ve even tried outsourcing or one of the other strategies out there with little success.

Or maybe you’re caught in a constant struggle as you pour your heart and soul into getting more customers.

So before anything else.

I want to start by giving you a strategy that will make you money tomorrow!

And that’s because, I’m living, breathing proof that it works.

Before I discovered this strategy, I used to work hard.

The 18-hour days.

7 days a week.

But I didn’t start making big money until I did the FIRST of our FIVE strategies.

And it changed everything for me.

Within 90 days, I’d doubled my revenue.

And because I’d found a much easier way to make sales, I didn’t have to work as much.

I cut my hours in half.

Until we’d made more than enough sales to hire someone.

And then I cut my hours in half again.

It was life-changing.

And that’s why I had to write this and teach it to you.

Because that’s how I went from working 126 hours a week.

To 31.5 hours per week.

Whilst making more money!

All because I started to understand how people buy.

And how I could use it to grow my business.


A image that says how people buy in the middle of it

How People Buy


How People Buy – A Real-Life Example


Let’s take a look at how people buy. And what the thought process is when you make a buying decision.

Imagine you were in the market for a hot tub.

A good hot tub can cost a pretty penny.

But luckily this isn’t your first rodeo, because you had a hot tub at your old house.

The only problem is, you can’t take it with you because the buyers of your house wanted the hot tub thrown in.

And you were getting a great price, so you let them have it.

So you’ve moved into a new house.

And you want another hot tub.

The company that you bought your last hot tub from was fantastic.

The price was great.

And so was the service.

Where’s the first place you would look if you were going to buy a new hot tub?

It’s back with the guys that you bought from last time.

Which makes the FIRST of our FIVE strategies the easiest and most effective…


How People Buy - Selling To Existing Customers

How People Buy – Selling To Existing Customers


How People Buy – Selling To Existing Customers



The easiest place to make sales is with your existing customers.

A big part of making a sale is getting the prospects to:

KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you.

KNOW – If they don’t know who you are, they can’t possibly buy from you. So you have to be active and get your name out there.

LIKE – If the marketplace knows who you are, but they don’t like you… they won’t buy. People don’t buy from companies they don’t like.

TRUST – This doesn’t mean “I’d trust you with my wife” or “I’d trust you with my money”… it means “I trust you to get the job done. I trust that you’re the best person to do the work that I need you to do”.

So with that in mind, your existing customers already KNOW you. 

They’ve bought from you before!

They LIKE you.

If you did a good job.

And they TRUST that you can do the job because you’ve done it for them before.

That’s what makes them the easiest people to sell to.

And our nature is to go back to people that we trust.

It requires much less effort for us to buy from someone that we’ve bought from before.

Rather than having to go on a brand-new search for a new supplier.

So the first strategy that you should be really leaning on…

Is selling to your existing customers.

And how can you use this strategy?

Well, you could start to think about what other products or services could you let them know about that they don’t currently buy.

How can you keep in touch with them more often to remind them that you’re here?

And what else could you do to get repeat customers to buy again?


How People Buy – Through Recommendation



Now let’s imagine you are back in the market for a hot tub.

But you’ve never bought one before.

However, your parents have.

And they loved it.

Where are you likely to buy from now?

Wherever your parents bought from.

So you’d ask them for a recommendation.

Which makes the second strategy a recommendation or referral strategy.

Why does this strategy work so well?

Go back to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST.

Do we know the supplier? Not really, but we do know OF them. Which is better than nothing.

What about LIKE them? We usually like people that are recommended. So although we don’t personally LIKE them, it’s again, better than starting from scratch.

But what about TRUST? Do we trust that they can do the job? Yes, much more than you would with a company you’ve never worked with before. Because someone that you know has said they are great.

So how can you take advantage of this in your business?

Ask for referrals.

It’s as simple as that!

Set up a loyalty scheme, a referral strategy, and rewards for passing referrals on.

A prospect that comes through a referral is much more likely to buy than one that comes in cold.

So work referrals and recommendations for a much warmer lead.


How People Buy – Proximity Is Power


Ok, so we’re buying a hot tub again.

Only in this scenario, you don’t know anyone that had bought a hot tub either.

But you have got a connection that goes to a networking group that you do.

And he sells hot tubs.

Who are you likely to buy from?

The guy from networking right?

Because we’re lazy!
Yes, you heard me.

Think about the last time you used an electrician or a plumber.

Did you ‘Google’ the world rankings for the best electrician or plumber on the planet?

Or did you go with the person that was easiest to buy from?

Possibly someone that you knew as a friend, or had used before?

Let’s look back at the KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST test.

If it’s someone that you know through a networking group or someone that’s a friend, do you:




Of course, you know them, and you probably like them.

You’re not sure whether they are likely to do a good job.

But with 2 of the 3 boxes covered, you’re willing to give it a go.

So how can you take advantage of this?


Because when it’s all said and done…


The closer we are to someone or something, the more we pay attention to it.

So how do you go about getting people to know who you are?


Lots of activity.

Because in today’s world, there are many more options than networking.

People could feel like they know you, that you’ve never even met before.

They could be following or watching you on social media.

Or YouTube.

They might be an email subscriber and read your emails.

All while you’re completely unaware.

So keep busy with your marketing efforts, provide great tips and hints and you’ll find plenty of people start paying attention to what you’re doing.

How People Buy - Selling To Existing Customers

How People Buy – Selling To Existing Customers

How People Buy – Search


If you’re in the market for a hot tub.

But you’ve never bought one before.

And you don’t know anyone that has either.

Plus, there’s no one in your circle that sells hot tubs.

And you aren’t following anybody on social media that does.

What do you do?

You hit Google, right?

Or search through some other means.

But here’s where things get a little tricker.

When you start a random search…

You don’t KNOW, LIKE, or TRUST the person that you search for.
So the company has got ALOT more work to do.

They have to stand out and grab your attention over ALL of the other companies fighting for the customer’s attention.

Then they have to get the prospect to LIKE them. And really, they have to do that through their marketing efforts before the prospect even gets in touch.

Finally, they have to get the prospect to TRUST that they can do the job. And that means lots of SOCIAL PROOF.

So make sure that you’re marketing shows off lots of testimonials and success stories.

In other words, your whole marketing journey has to be fantastic.

To get them to KNOW you, you’re going to need to stand out. You need to have eye-catching adverts that influence and intrigue prospects.

Maybe you have a sensational offer that none of your competitors have.

Or maybe your copywriting skills are sharp and that helps you stand out.

Then you have to get them to LIKE and TRUST you by having a personality and showing lots of success stories.

It’s a harder slog when you’re marketing to cold prospects.

But the good news is…


The first 2 strategies aren’t scaleable at all.

The 3rd strategy (proximity is power) can be if you use social media or a similar strategy.

But the ‘search’ strategy is truly scaleable.

So if you can get it right, you can become very wealthy indeed.



How People Buy – Cold Call


The fifth and final strategy is cold calling.

If I don’t know anyone that sells hot tubs, and I search but come up with nothing.

I’m probably going to call it a day.

People don’t tend to have a whole deal of persistence when it comes to shopping.

They want it now.

And they want it to be easy.

So now, the only way you can buy from me is if YOU CALL ME.

You have to reach out to me and convince me to buy.

But here’s the problem.

1. I might not be interested in buying your product. Which means wasted effort and LOTS of wasted cash.

2. I don’t KNOW, LIKE, or TRUST you.

But here’s the real problem.

If you literally call me, not only do you have to convince me to buy by building KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST

You have a 4th thing that you need to convince me to do.

This strategy is so much tougher than the other 4.

It can work.

But you’ve got to be really good.

Or put in an insane amount of effort.

Which means scaling this strategy is intense.



Summary – How People Buy


We’ve explored how people buy.

And what makes them buy.

Now you understand the importance of getting people to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you.

The easiest and quickest way to make sales is by selling to EXISTING CUSTOMERS or selling through RECOMMENDATIONS AND REFERRALS.


But if you want to SCALE, you’re going to need to use the PROXIMITY IS POWER method (possibly by using social media, YouTube, or another platform that’s high in demand).


Or you’ll need to capture the attention of those prospects that are SEARCHING for your product or service.


Maybe they are using ‘Google’, ‘AI’ or another platform to try and find providers or the product and service they want.


So all you have to do now is make a choice.


You could start by going for the quick wins (exis

ing customers and referral strategies)


Then SCALE once you have made those easy sales.


But most importantly, you have to take ACTION!