Advertising For Business: The 4 Spectacular Tips To Supercharge Your Business


Advertising for business is strange.
Few small business owners have got it right.
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Advertising Your Business - You're Growing Or Dying

Advertising Your Business – You’re Growing Or Dying

Advertising For Business

It’s not a skill that’s taught at school.
In fact, the average person writing ads for small businesses couldn’t sell a life jacket to a drowning man. 
But it’s about to change for you.
They’ll help you:
– Write adverts that give you a psychological edge.
– Pick up tips from the world’s smartest, happiest, and wealthiest marketers. 
– Earn more than £10,058 from your advertising.
– Understand WHY you’re getting great results.
– And create a massive breakthrough in your business.
So let’s get down to business.
Here they are.
Testimonial about growing a business using great marketing
Testimonial about growing a business using great ads


Advertising For Business

Advertising For Business


The 4 Tips To Help Supercharge Your Ads


1. Use Language That Gives You A Psychological Edge

When Advertising For Business, There is Absolutely “NO” Sane Reason Why You Should Waste Years of Your Own Life Attempting to Cover this Same Ground!
You don’t need to spend decades playing with different words to see what works.
Instead, use language that gives you a psychological edge. You want to make your business stand out from the rest.
Why is it important?
The language you use in your advertising impacts your customers’ psychology.
Using persuasive language can create a sense of urgency.
And encourage them to take immediate action.
For example, instead of saying “We have a sale,” try saying “Limited-time offer: Don’t miss out on our exclusive sale!”
Language creates a sense of urgency that can drive customers to buy.
As small business owners, you need to grab your customers’ attention and make them act fast.
Powerful words and phrases like “limited time,” “exclusive offer,” and “act now” will help.
It means you can push your audience to take immediate action.
So, how can you write using persuasive language?
First, focus on benefits, not features.
Highlight what your product or service can do for your customers and how it can make their life better.
If you aren’t sure what benefits are, here’s a simple explanation.
They are the RESULT of your product or service.
Things like:
– More profit
– Better lifestyle
– Or a happier partner.
Then, use powerful words and phrases to elicit an emotional response.
Power Words
In the examples of benefits above, we used “more” and “better”. They aren’t powerful.
So how do you make those “benefits” even stronger?
It’s as simple as it is quick.
Instead of using “more”, use a specific number.
And remove the word “better” and replace is with a powerful or emotional word.
You can use words like “spectacular” or “fulfilled”.
Words like “exclusive,” “limited time,” and “act now” can also work. They create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to take action.
Power words

Power words

Call To Action
Finally, have a clear call-to-action (CTA) that tells your customers what you want them to do next.
Whether it’s “Buy now” or “Subscribe today,” make sure your CTA is specific and easy to follow.
Using language that gives you a psychological edge can help you stand out.
It will drive sales and make the advertising for your business deliver.
When it’s all said and done, you have to learn how to be a great writer.
So focus on benefits, and use powerful words and phrases.
Clear CTAs will help in a major way.
Before you know it you will create persuasive ads that drive results.
So, don’t waste any more time trying to figure out what works.
Start using language that gives you a psychological edge today.
Then watch your business soar!

2. How To Understand WHY You’re Getting The Results You Are Getting

Understanding why you’re getting the results you are getting is crucial.
In any area of business.
But nowhere is it more important than when you are advertising for your business.
It’s not only about the numbers.
But also about the insights that come from analysing those numbers.
Knowing where your results are coming from can help you make informed decisions.
Instead of plucking decisions out of the air.
Subjective, emotional decisions, are often wrong.
But when you can make objective, data-driven decisions, the results will skyrocket.
For example, if you’re getting a lot of website traffic but no conversions, it helps decide the next focus.
You may need to adjust your website design or your call-to-action.
Or maybe there’s another idea that will help your business grow.
Or, if you’re getting a lot of engagement on social media but not a lot of sales, it helps make a decision.
You may need to adjust your messaging or target audience.
Understand WHY…
By understanding WHY you’re getting the results you are, you can spot areas for improvement.
Testing and measuring is crucial to understanding where your results are coming from.
By testing different variables like ad copy, images, and targeting, you can see what works.
Then you can make data-driven decisions about your advertising strategy.
Measuring your results with tools like Google Analytics or Facebook Insights is key. It can give you great data.
All whilst helping look into your audience’s behavior.
Looking at data can help you identify trends and patterns.
To test and measure, it’s important to have a clear goal in mind.
What do you want to achieve with your advertising?
Is it increased sales, more profit, website traffic, or brand awareness?
Once you have a clear goal, you can set up tracking and measurement tools to check your progress.
Then you can adjust your strategy as needed.
Test And Measure Your Advertising

Test And Measure Your Advertising

3. Don’t Propose On The First Date

Picture this: You see a stunning guy or girl at a bar, and without even getting to know them, you decide to propose.
They look at you like you’re crazy and say no.
Because you don’t know each other, and proposing on the first date is a terrible idea.
The same goes for your business.
Don’t try to sell on the first interaction.
Instead, take the time to build a relationship.
Then add value to your potential customers’ lives.
That’s pretty much the same way dating works.
You can’t focus on what you GET all the time and expect a happy relationship.
The concern should be making the other person happy.
Why is it important to build a relationship before trying to sell?
Well, think about it. Would you buy something from someone you don’t know or trust?
Of course not!
Building a relationship with your customers is crucial to gaining their trust.
By providing value and building a connection, you create a foundation.
Then there’s a much better chance you’ll have a long-term relationship with them.
Building trust is key in any relationship, whether it’s personal or business-related.
You earn trust through consistent actions and keeping your promises.
Also by GIVING value.
Teaching them.
Helping them.
When they trust you, they are more likely to buy from you and recommend you to others.
How do you build a relationship with your potential customers?
Start by adding value to their lives.
The first 5-25 times that a prospect see’s you, they should be glad they did.
Maybe they get a piece of advice.
Or some education.
Heck, it might even be ENTERTAINMENT.
So offer free resources, answer their questions, and provide solutions to their problems.
Then teach them again.
And keep doing it until they go from not having a clue who you are, to being in love.
So engage with them on social media.
And in person at events or through networking opportunities.
Show them that you care about their success.
Invest in helping them achieve their goals.
Because proposing on the first date is a bad idea.
So is trying to sell to a potential customer before building a relationship.
Take the time to build a connection, add value, and earn their trust.
Focus on building a relationship first.
It will set the foundation for a long-term, successful business relationship with your customers.
Marketing For Success

4. Use Social Proof

Sometimes when I see testimonials, I ask myself a question.
Do these guys deserve congratulations or a kick in the shins?
And the answer isn’t always clear-cut.
Sometime’s the testimonials I come across deserve all the customers in the world.
And they should get them.
But others, are awful.
So awful, they should stop.
Stop what?
Advertising their business altogether.
But here’s another useful question.
What’s the number 1 strategy to help convert your prospects?
Look no further than social proof!
Social proof example
Social Proof
Social proof is a breathtaking tool that can help you build trust.
It also helps gain credibility with your audience.
But you can do it and fail.
If you get it wrong.
What does wrong look like?
And what makes it boring?
When it’s all about you.
Social proof shouldn’t be about you.
Isn’t that interesting?
It should be about the HERO in the story.
The customer.
When your social proof is about the prospect and the pain they were in before working with you, it’s gripping.
Then there’s a defining moment (they met you).
And after that defining moment, everything got better (but you must explain HOW it got better).
So showcase positive “stories” from satisfied customers.
It can and will create a domino effect of positive feelings. and attract new customers to your business.
Studies have shown that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family.
And 70% trust the opinions of strangers online.
That’s a staggering statistic that proves how important social proof is.
But how do you go about getting those coveted testimonials from your customers?
The answer is simple – ask!
Reach out to your satisfied customers and ask them to provide feedback.
Be sure to give them a template so they follow the winning formula.
Before working with you, there was lots of pain.
Then you came into their lives.
Since working with you it’s been incredible.
Every great film ever was written that way.
Be sure to feature those testimonials on your website and social media channels.
It will help maximise the impact.
Building trust is key in the business world, and social proof is a powerful tool to help you achieve that goal.
Don’t underestimate the power of social proof.
It could be the difference between a customer choosing you over a competitor.
Start collecting those testimonials today and watch your business grow!
 Social proof example


If you want to get the advertising in your business right, you’ve got to follow our 4 steps.

  1. Use language that gives you a psychological edge
  2. Understand WHY you’re getting the results you are getting
  3. Don’t propose on the first date
  4. And use social proof

It can also be important to learn how to write great copy.

And if you can combine the tips above.

Whilst writing copy that keeps your reader on the edge of their seats.

Or, hanging on to your every word.

Then you might crack this advertising stuff.

It’s important that you figure it out.

Because if you don’t, you are leaving money on the table.

After all, success doesn’t happen just because you lust after it with all your heart.

You need skills.

And experience that you learn from.



Have you ever used any of the tips above to improve your ads?

If so, how did they help?